Huge Cash Boosts at BetOnline Poker

There's a whole lot to play for at the US friendly online poker room BetOnline this June as the $50,000 Extreme Sit N Go Leaderboard Challenge is back, offering all player the chance of two great payouts during the month. Every time you play a sit n go tourney at BetOnline Poker you'll earn valuable points that will add to your charge up the Extreme Sit N Go Leaderboard and the bigger the buy in of the tourney the more points you will earn. The overall challenge is split into three categories of Bronze, Silver and Gold and these reflect the levels of play with 5 cent to 99 cent being Bronze tourneys, $1 to $9.99 being Silver and anything over $9.99 is classed as a Gold tournament and will therefore earn you points towards the Gold Leaderboard Challenge.

During the month of June there are 2 payout dates and all 3 leaderboards will payout 25% of the total prize pool on June 16th, with the other 75% being paid on July 1st. BetOnline are able to do this because the leaderboard prizes are fixed amounts, and not percentages of all buy ins etc, for example, the Gold leaderboard prize pays out the top 20 players with the 1st placed players total amount of winnings standing at $11,200 of which $2,800 will be paid on June 16th and the remainder of $8,400 getting paid on July 1st. Sound a little complicated? It does sound it to be honest, but once you get involved and see how the leaderboards and payouts work then it's actually pretty simple. The leaderboards are updated every day so that you may keep track of your progress and there's a few special treats during the month too such as the $500 midpoint freeroll and the $1,000 Freeroll Consolation prize on July 2nd.

It's a great poker promotion to get involved in and it's great that there are 3 leaderboards, getting players of all bankroll amounts the chance to hit the money. If you're not hitting the virtual felt at BetOnline Poker then check it out and get your hands on the 200% welcome bonus as well as plenty of other great poker deals.