Win a $15K Super Bowl Package with Bovada Poker

Bovada Poker have delivered the ultimate promotion for poker playing football loving fans who are wanting to get to the Super Bowl this year, and have served up the excellent Bovada Poker Bowl. This is a superb promo that runs all through regular NFL season and into the playoffs and asks you to hit the felt, earn points, reach the $20,000 Super Bowl Freeroll and then head off to Arizona on a $15K trip to the big one.

Super Bowl - Bet Now!

The first thing you'll have to do to get involved is of course get your Bovada Poker account open, and that's a one minute task. New players can then claim the 100% up to $1,000 welcome bonus and the free seats to the $100K qualifier. Once that's done you'll need to pick your Poker Bowl team, and you may choose from any of the 4 National conferences, or the 4 American. You will then need to complete your Bovada weekly objectives of which there are 17 weeks throughout the season. These range from earning Bovada Points, to playing a little Bovada mobile poker and hitting a sit n go tournament, with something different placed in front of you each week. As you meet those tasks you will also score cash prizes and tournament tickets, as an example...week 1 asks you to earn 75 poker points, and when you do that you'll get a $10 cash bonus and score 7 points for your team. The team with the most points each week will take their seats and play against each other in the $5K Pro Bowl you are playing for your team and yourself in the weekly challenges, as well as scoring great prizes, then playing against your team members in the freeroll.

When it comes to playoff time, teams will be seeded according to their average weekly points during the season. They will then go head to head, with two teams making it to week 17, and the winning team will play against each other in the $20K Super Bowl Freeroll for the grand prize of the Super Bowl trip. It may sound a little complicated, but you are basically playing for points and prizes during the week, and then against team members in the freerolls, and the main thing you'll need to do is to check the weekly objective grid to make sure you know what your task is that week so you score the points and the prizes. It's a great promotion and potentially very rewarding and the main prize includes tickets to the game and heaps of cash to make sure you enjoy your day in style. Head on over to Bovada, get signed up and select your team!