The Ongame Poker Network is part of the bigger online poker conglomerate, – which might be sold soon enough as it has been on the market now. They have a reputation on being a solid network, with high traffic counts in both general and cash games. There are some good poker site’s that are part of this network, which helped it become not only a popular online poker network, but also known for its online sportsbooks. The software they use is developed by their parent company,, which also creates software for other networks that are under its belt. The network, as well as the websites it handles, is not US friendly.

OnGame Software

As stated before, the software that Ongame uses is created and developed by bwin Interactive Entertainment. Although the software is created by the same developer, each website within the network has different looking software; wanting to keep their individual preferences. The software is compatible with PC’s, as well as Mac’s. It is also compatible with Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker 3. The software does require the players to download and install it, and since the software is heavier than most, it may require a faster computer. This does not mean it will not run on an older PC or Mac, but it may become slower. Finding the right table to sit at is pretty easy to do, the player can sort the list depending on their game preferences. They do have a good assortment of short-handed tables, for those players looking for a fast paced match. The tables have a large amount of information on them, which may be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on the player’s partialities.

OnGame Websites

The OnGame network, and the poker websites, usually average over 2000 real money ring game players, while they usually peak at about 4000 players. The daily player counts for the entire network tend to be a lot higher, above 20,000 players. The more popular websites that are part of the Ongame Poker Network are Hollywood Poker, Betsafe Poker, and Betfair Poker; even though there are many other online poker sites that are part of the network. Each site determines the layout and presentation of the website; however the network determines the banking options. Taking a look at the more popular website within the Ongame Network, Betfair Poker, one can see how they use the website to convey professionalism and a more serious outlook towards poker. Comparing Betfair Poker with the other sites, it is clear why Betfair Poker is the favourite. Each site does attract different types of poker players, since they use different strategies in order to attract and retain players.

OnGame Poker Network Games

Each of the websites in the Ongame Poker Network has a different style, which translates into what types of poker games they offer. Tower Poker, being the more serious option for player’s, tend to stick with the more popular versions of poker being played currently; which are Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Omaha Hi/Lo. While at Betsafe Poker, where it seems they aim towards a more diverse group of players, stick with the popular three, Texas Hold’em, Omaha High, and Omaha Hi/Lo, but also mix it up with less popular poker games; 5 Card Draw and 7 Card Stud. The Betfair Poker website actually looks like a mix between the professional and the relaxed look, giving it a simple and easy to use layout. They offer the same type of games that Betsafe does, but they also added in 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo.

OnGame Network Benefits

The benefits of the Ongame Poker Network would have to be traffic, software, and game variation. The network itself receives a high amount of traffic, partly because they are part of the group. Having a well-known provider increases their popularity. In the same sense, having the software created by that group also ups the ante when it comes to popularity. Each site within the network offers different styles of poker, which is a good way of keeping players happy since they can find the specific poker game they want within the same network.