Betfair Poker

Betfair Poker has a good player base and a great gaming package that includes efficient software with good graphics and playability as well as speed and a strong game selection. The player traffic is constantly growing here which says a lot about the site itself. The games have very good limits and multi-table games are also available. Betfair Poker has a lot of tournament action to offer players as well as a very generous bonus that goes as far as $600. In addition to this, the site also has very interesting promotions and game features.

Betfair Poker - Software

The software at Betfair Poker is nothing short of top notch. The graphics are good without being too flashy and the games have very good playability. The software overall at Betfair Poker is extremely stable and full of innovative features. Some of the features that the site provides include player notes and statistics. There is also the option of playing up to 15 poker games at one time. Betfair Poker keeps on updating its software. Some players might find the color scheme at Betfair Poker a little hard on the eyes but other than that the software is very good.

BetfairPoker - Traffic

The player traffic at Betfair Poker can be best described as average as in comparison to other poker sites. The numbers are good and Betfair Poker has developed a loyal player base that play very frequently so there is always some action to be found at the site. Betfair Poker has a good number of real money game players and bring in about 1600 of these players during peak hours. The ring games are also very popular with Betfair Poker's gaming crowd and they draw a lot of players to these tables. The tournament traffic is also fairly good and you will find over 8000 players online at the tournament games during peak hours. The greatest amount of action can be found around the Texas hold'em games as is the case with most sites and the larger part of the action happens at the lower stake games such as the no limit and limit games.

Betfair Poker - Online Tournaments

Betfair Poker offers a great selection of tournaments with various levels of stakes and buy-ins. The lower limit stakes and medium limit stakes are by far the most popular tournaments with the players. Betfair Poker also offers a good number of free rolls. The tournament traffic is very good and the play is not in the least tough as the players are mostly soft players although there are a few experienced players at the site as well. Betfair Poker has a unique feature called the Threedom Pass tournament which allows poker players to win free buy-ins to any of their favorite live poker tournaments for three consecutive years. Player s can pick their tournaments and try to win free entries into them. The site has a great collection of scheduled tournaments that include daily tournaments and guaranteed events.

Game Variety at Betfair Poker

Betfair Poker has very limited game variety and only hosts the games of Texas Hold'em, Omaha hi-lo, Omaha, 7-stud poker. The games have good limits as well. The fixed limits range from $0.10 to about $500 and the no limits and pot limits are set at $0.05 to $500.


Betfair Poker has a very large welcome bonus to offer players. In fact it is one of the largest available on the internet today. New players get to earn around $600 in a sign up bonus. The bonus must be slowly accredited into your account however through earning points. This is a rather slow process and not the greatest bonus available as it takes too long to get; further more there is a very short time limit of 60 days to acquire the bonus which is an added impediment. A player will get $10 in bonus money for every 400 Betfair points earned. One point is equal to every $0.10 taken in a rake or as part of tournament fee that has been paid.


Betfair Poker provides customer support via phone and e-mail. The response is quick and queries are efficiently handled.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

The deposit and withdrawal methods at Betfair Poker are rather limited in comparison to the many option available at other sites. The financial transactions are very secure and reliable here and are generally fast. The payment options for making a deposit include Credit card, Neteller, MoneyBookers, bank transfer, and checks. The withdrawal options are through credit card, NETeller, MoneyBookers, bank transfer, and checks.