Poker Home Game

Poker players unite in two main arenas; online in a poker room or with a group of friends at home. Trust Poker Stars to come up with a unique combination of two of the best ways to have fun. Ever! A poker home game is a private poker club between a group of friends using top notch software in an online environment. Getting together with friendly competition is great but it can’t become as much of a habit as we would like simply because a fair amount of time needs to be set aside. Now with this incredible new functionality in the poker stars software you are able to incorporate the social aspect of playing poker by using the built in chat facility for some online banter.

So how do we get started?

Your first port of call is to download the software. It’s free, top quality and easy to install. An account is necessary to open the software, so just do it. Opening up the software will lead you directly to the main lobby where there is a brand new button appropriately labelled Home Games. Click here and you now have two options. Either you would like to create a club or you want to join a club that you have been invited to. Regardless of your preferences right now all the options will be the same.

I want to start a club

So you are not waiting for someone else to get the ball rolling, you are taking the bull by the horns! Of the two buttons in front of you instead of choosing ‘Join a Poker Club’, click on ‘Create a Poker Club’. All you will be asked for is what you would like to call your new poker club and an invitation code. Try to be as unique as possible in the naming stage. Now that you have a club all you need is members.

Filling up the seats

Inviting your buddies to join is as simple as emailing them the name of the club, the invitation code and a few words of camaraderie. The rest is up to them. As the admin the membership is under your exclusive control. Here you can suspend or reinstate members, you are able to grant admin rights, remove members from the group or even block them. If your invitation code has been compromised you can change it too simply by a click of a button.

The cards are on the table

Let’s get to the games! In your poker club start by clicking on the ‘Manage Games’ tab. All the details are yours to decide. You decide if this is a tournament or a ring game, pick your poker style and choose a date and time. Now to activate this game all you need to do is register for it by clicking on it in your games lobby. The software takes care of the rest and automatically sends an email to all of the members. How easy was that?

Taking up an exclusive invitation

So you have received an email and been invited to join a private poker club? Great news! All you need is the Poker Stars software and an account to match plus the name of the poker group and the invitation code. Open up and login to the software and choose ‘Home Games’. On the left you have two options, to create a club or to join a club. Click ‘Join a Poker Club’ and enter the details. And you are in!

Functionality to tickle your fancy

From setting up your own games at your own time right down to adding a team logo and colour, the club is exclusively yours. Check out the results of all completed games and a schedule for up and coming games. Play for real or play for free, this innovative concept is going to be a real charmer with all the poker players out there. Go and have your fun your way and start a private poker club today.