Qui Nguyen Wins WSOP Main Event and a Cool $8 Million

The 39 year old Qui Nguyen won the WSOP Main Event and scooped a massive $8 Million in the process. In an emotional final table Nguyen saw off Gordon Vayo and Cliff Josephy in an action packed final day of the event with chips swapping ownership regularly between the three players that were still in with a shot, however it was the former professional baccarat player who took the cash and the WSOP winners bracelet.

Heading into the final day Nguyen held a huge lead over the other two finalists, with double the stacks of both Vayo and Joesphy however right off the bat and on the very first hand Josephy doubled up with his A,Q beating the A,4 of Nguyen, however the tables turned on just the fifth hand of the days play. A monster pot was created as the three players went for it big time, and while Nguyen folded post flop, Vayo and Josephy continued, and it was Vayo who scored big when his pair of 3s beat the 2s of Josephy, leaving him with a devastated stack.

Josephy however came back strong and doubled up twice early after the big loss, however after losing a bluff to Nguyen and then being seen off by Vayo he walked in third place, taking a cool $3,453,035 with him, and leaving Vayo and Nguyen heads up.

With two players remaining in their seats it was time to bring out the cash and the bundles sure did look pretty good up there on the table, and that seemed to give Vayo the jitters as he started passing on hands that the commentary team thought he really should be playing, leaving Nguyen to chip away at his stack. Vayo was ground down and when push came to shove he did so with jack, 10 suited but it wasn't good enough to beat Nguyen, and it was all over.

The Vegas based Nguyen is now the WSOP champion and $8 Million better off, and as he placed his arms around that stack of cash, we don't think we've seen a happier poker player.