The Black Diamond Poker Open at Bodog

The sheer popularity of the Black Diamond Poker Open at Bodog in 2012 meant that there was always going to be a 2013 repeat. The series returns in February, running from Sunday the 10th to Sunday February 24th with a nice total prize pool totaling $850,000. Many players think that the big tournament series' are mainly for the bigger players out there who can take a quick look at their opponents stats and quickly take them out of the game. At Bodog however smaller players no need to worry about this by simply using the Bodog Anonymous tables. This means that your stats stay hidden and no-one knows up front who is playing who. Obviously the better players will work out how to play the table faster and better than the newbie, but at least they don't get a head start on them. This gives the recreational players a fighting chance in the Black Diamond Open. The Contender series gets us underway and is really a series for everyone with a buy-in range of $5 +$0.50 to $50 + $5, meaning all players get a shot. There are a fair few guaranteed pots too with the main event standing at a minimum of $30,000 with a buy-in of $50 + $5. There are 43 tournaments in total with the Contender main event standing at a minimum of $30,000. Once the Contender series plays out the Black Diamond starts with a very similar schedule but much bigger prizes, with the main event guaranteeing a huge $250,000 and played on Sunday 24th of March. There will be 43 events, and again the buy ins will be varied. Looks like Bodog has its bases covered with this one and that it will be as successful as last years event.