Ultra Prepaid Cards: Great for Poker

There are a number of different reasons as to why people have been looking for different payment processors online. One of those reasons has to do with the fact that the conventional payment processors have really let the community down vis-?-vis activities like online gambling. If an online payment processor perceived that there might be a problem in their future with online gambling they ran for the hills, leaving millions of people behind to fend for themselves. This is what NETeller did to players living in the United States and then later on to the players living in Canada and therefore players have begun to search for processors that are good and reliable at the same time.

Ultra Prepaid Cards

Well, for some people, one of the things that you can use when it comes to getting around the online poker scene is the Ultra Prepaid Card. The UPC is a card that you can use to transfer money to many of the different websites around and in this particular sense Ultra is very similar to many of the other cards that might be seen around. Ultra is certainly a card that people can get into because of this fact and when you look at some of the easy aspects about it, you can very clearly see why people might want to use cards like the Ultra Prepaid Card in the funding of their poker accounts.

Poker Friendly Attitude

Ultra has a poker friendly attitude, which is a far cry from many of the other payment methods available to the average player today. Even if some payment methods support poker websites, they tend not to be that gung ho about them because they fear the same thing happening to them that happened to NETeller. While this is most definitely a real fear and one that is wise to have from their point of view, the way in which they tend to distance themselves from the poker scene while still trying to collect transfer free profits off the players that play at the poker sites is really not professional at all.

Ultra on the other hand is a website and a payment method that is extremely poker friendly. You can use the Ultra Prepaid Card to fund your online poker accounts at many of the different poker websites and for that reason it is an excellent payment method to have in your overall arsenal.

Universal Funding

In addition to that poker friendly attitude, another thing that can be observed about Ultra Prepaid Card is the fact that you can fund them extremely easily. Not only can you fund them from your bank account (and withdraw from them through that bank account as well), but you can also use any credit card funding method (including the ePassporte online funding method) to put money onto your Ultra Prepaid Card. With that kind of service advantage, it is no wonder whatsoever that Ultra Prepaid Cards are starting to become more popular amongst online gamers.