Online Poker

Poker has been around for years, and is a very popular card game that requires a lot of skill but also a little bit of luck. With the growing computer industry and internet, games of poker have become available at many online casinos such as Bovada where players can pit their skills at other from around the world.

Why Play Online?

Poker has been traditionally played in land based casinos or poker rooms, the big disadvantage to land based poker games, is space. With online poker many of the online casinos such as Bovada Poker or Crazy Slots can have a number of online poker tables, offer large tournament events and many different poker game variations and only take up virtual space which allows them to expand easily.

Online Poker skills

Playing online poker also allows for the players to play against people from around the globe and develop a new style of skills.

When poker is played face to face in a land based casino or in a poker room, players get the opportunity to read their opponents. They can assess if their opponent has any ‘tells’ that are linked to their hands or try to see if they are effected by the river cards or the round of betting. A good poker player will try to hide any of their ‘tells’ to make things harder for their opponents. With online poker you cannot see your opponents are will basically be using how they bet as a guide to what their possible cards might be.

Poker Game Variants

One of the most popular and widely available online poker games is Texas Hold ‘em. This is a community based card game where players are dealt two cards faced down and must hope to achieve the best five card hand using the river cards, or to bluff their opponents into thinking that they have the best hand. Another very popular poker variant includes Omaha, whereby players are dealt five cards and must use two cards from their hand and three from the river to form a hand. Other poker game variants include; stud, razz and HORSE.

Not Just a Card Game

Online poker does not have to be played as a card game; it can be played on a slot machine. Poker slots has become increasingly popular over the years as it offers the opportunity for gamers to play a hand of poker, whilst trying to achieve the winning hand in order to win the jackpot.