Bwin Mobile Poker

Bwin is a well respected and well known online gaming operator. Its poker site was launched way back in 1999 and it has constantly not only kept up with changes in the online poker industry, it has been innovative and in some cases led the way. One of these areas that it led was in the new area of Mobile Poker, and it was in fact the first to launch a mobile poker application. The first app was available for Android only in collaboration with the Ongame Network, however that has changed and now Bwin offers mobile poker to iOS and Android and boasts one of the largest mobile Poker Networks in the business.

Features on the Move with Bwin Mobile Poker

No matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection and a suitable device you can enjoy Bwin mobile poker. The app is available in many countries and you'll need to visit the Bwin site and install the app. It's a simple process and takes a matter of seconds. You'll then have a great app that is linked to your regular poker account meaning that the funds are shared between the two. You may also deposit and withdraw using the app, which is a nice feature and not all mobile poker apps will include this. Like all mobile poker apps however it does have its limitations and the big one as far as cash game players are concerned is that you may only play Texas Hold'em, there is no Omaha or other variations. Also the app is not available in HD, which many regular Bwin players do enjoy. The Texas Hold'em on the app can be played in real money or play money and it's available in limit, pot limit and no limit formats and there is a good choice of stake levels at which you may play. You'll also find that you have a decent choice of table size, 2 players, 5 or 10 players are on offer. There are plenty of other great features too such as hand history, auto post and wait options. However yet again, there are other limitations in that you may not play tournaments or any multi-table games.

Bwin Mobile Poker Summary

In summary, the Bwin mobile poker app is great for the casual Texas Hold'em player but of little use to grinders who need to multi-table or tournament players either. It does offer some good features and the fact there is a shared wallet with the regular poker client, high liquidity and available for most devices are all plus points. Recreational Bwin players will enjoy the freedom it offers and it's another string to the bow of this great company, but for now, we see the majority of Bwin action coming from the regular client.