David Williams

David Williams has become a notable professional poker player ever since 2004 when he made a name for himself at the World Series of Poker. He was born June 9, 1980 and raised in Arlington, Texas and is the son of Shirley Williams. Later on in life he enrolled in the Southern Methodist University to study economics; however before this he went to Princeton for a short time. As he has become a professional poker player, he now lives in Las Vegas. Throughout his career as a poker player, he has won various titles, as well as the large sums of money that come with playing poker. He continues playing to this day in live tournaments, as well as other cash games.

David William’s Poker History

Williams was not always the poker pro he is today; he had to start from scratch from somewhere. He got his first taste of fame and fortune at the 2004 World Series of Poker, one of the largest poker tournaments in the US. This is where he came in second, behind Greg Raymer, but it was not all that bad, he ended up winning a total of $3.5 million, which is the prize for the runner-up. He did not stop there; he joined the Bargata Open just four months later where he got $573,800 for coming in second place. David Williams continued to join and play in live tournaments, when in 2006 he finally won his first bracelet at the Seven-card stud tournament at the World Series of Poker. During the 2006 WSOP main event, his own mother played and even outlasted him, showing it must be in the genes to play.

After finishing in fourth place in a two month span, twice, at the World Poker Tour in 2006 he went back to play in 2010. This is where he finally won the WPT and won $1,530,537 million while still sponsored by Bodog (he is no longer with Bodog at this time though). Williams also liked to play on the online poker sites, where he would join cash games and tournaments. During the World Series of Online Poker, using the screen name “RugDoctor” beat out all of his competitors during Event #42. His total cash winnings from this online tournament were of $107,800. David Williams has had a great run so far, and it does not seem like he will be taking a break any time soon.

David William’s Poker and Other Activities

As his rise to fame was taken notice of, he was scouted and ended up becoming a part of the Bodog Team. However, Williams left Bodog after his 2010 WPT World Championship appearance. Shortly afterwards, in June of that year, he decided to join the PokerStars Team where he became a sponsored professional by the online poker website. Even though the PokerStars website has suffered some setbacks in 2011, however they are still up and running; due to the US restrictions, the website no longer allows US players on it. In 2006, he appeared on the game show ‘King of Vegas’, where he ultimately finished in third place. He also has his own blog that lets players look into both his professional and personal life as a poker player. Apart from being a professional poker player, Williams also has another great passion, ‘Magic: The Gathering’. He is a very talented Magic player. Ever since the 1990’s he has been playing in regular games and in tournaments, and has made the Top 8 of eight different events.

David William’s Wins

While playing in the World Series of Poker he has won:

• 1 Bracelet • 19 Money finishes • Has the 2nd highest ITM

World Poker Tour wins are:

• 1 Title • 4 Final tables • 10 Money finishes

In 2010, Williams’ total live tournament winnings were $7,900,000, where most of it came from the World Series of Poker. Since 2010 he has continued to play poker, and that figure should be a lot higher.