5 Dimes Sportsbook Joins Equity Poker Network

5Dimes is one of the most popular online sportsbooks for US residents, and maybe it could become a popular place for poker players too now that it has joined the growing Equity Poker Network. EPN CEO Clive Archer says that, "We are happy to welcome the 5Dimes Group to the EPN family, and to offer their players a much improved poker experience with smoother gameplay, less disconnects and some of the most entertaining promotions and tournaments to be found online.” It is indeed all going swimmingly over at equity and 5 Dimes are the latest to join the new network, of which Full Flush Poker is the flagship brand. Many sportsbooks with a poker offering have found it difficult to monetize the product in recent times, however with competitive rates and low fees at EPN it appears that they are offering the chance of a new lease of life for the smaller poker operator.

5 Dimes is a well established sportsbook with a massive player base and this deal of course works both ways, as having a brand as well known as this sitting on the network can only be good for Equity too. On the other side of the coin the deal works well for 5 Dimes as they will get flexibility in the poker promotions that they offer, as well as being able to design their own player rewards. In fact one of the stand out and most appealing features of the network for smaller poker operators is the ability to control their own offering, be that promotions or tournament offerings. It’s early days for the Equity Poker Network however they have got off to a flying start and maybe the addition of 5 Dimes will push them on to the next level.