Equity Poker Network Line up Operators

The Equity Poker Network is lining up operators and setting itself of standby ready for launch, with flagship brand Full Flush Poker leading the way. So what can we expect from this new US facing network? To begin Equity Poker is promising a ‘fairer future’ for small to medium sized rooms and will be offering plenty of flexibility as far as marketing and promotions are concerned. It will also offer a what CEO Clive Archer describes as “an opportunity to offer their players Online Poker without losing their shirts each month to cross cage and sharp players.” We've yet to receive news on who will be venturing out onto the new network, but the offer of fairer playing field must sound alluring to many.

Big Ambitions at Equity Poker Network

Many rooms have indeed signed up and while we wait and see both who they are and what’s on offer, what can a new network bring to the already competitive US market? Archer says that, “With rock solid software that has been tried and tested for over 10 years we are certain that creating this new fairer playing field for both operators and players is going to provide a huge relief to all that will be joining our Network over the coming months.” With poker numbers in the US holding steady across the board, the battle for new players really is on, and maybe Equity Poker Network can offer something different for the player. Flexibility in promotional offers may be key, and if skins on the Equity Network can provide that then there’s a chance of things going well. Time will tell and we’ll bring you news as soon as possible, especially on Full Flush Poker which we are particularly keen on taking a look at.