Nevada Pushing on With Online Gambling

Nevada Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval is pushing hard and is encouraging lawmakers to pass a bill that take the Nevada online gambling bill one step further and make it nationwide. There seems to be a little bit of competition brewing between Nevada and New Jersey ever since Gov. Chris Christie gave the NJ bill the conditional veto. Sandoval quickly released a statement requesting lawmakers take measures that Nevada stays as the countries number one state when it comes to gambling legislation. Sandoval wants law passed that allows companies that offer online poker in Nevada to be able to legally accept players from other states, with William Horne set to manage the proposal. The statement in part read, "I am pleased that the Assemblyman has offered to carry legislation allowing for the establishment of online gaming in our state and help Nevada maintain its position as the gold standard in gaming, in light of the developments in New Jersey yesterday, the need to act quickly has become even more important." The existing bill would not permit players from other states participating and this would mean a fairly big and significant change. The bill, entitled Bill 5 would remove that from the existing bill.

No Conflict With Federal Law

Nevada Gaming Control Board Chairman A.G. Burnett thinks that there would be no conflict coming from a federal level should Nevada form agreements with states that have agreed to give online poker the green light and that it is fully regulated. Whether this regulation would come from Nevada or the state they have formed the agreement with is unsure. At present this only includes online poker as this is all the bill allows. Wrapping up, Burnett said that he wasn't too concerned with the New Jersey bill stating, "We're following it, but I don't think that will hinder what we're doing here in Nevada at all."