How to Win Poker Tournaments

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Every poker player in the world dreams of winning their first poker tournament, the following are tips taken from the experience of the professional players and various online gambling websites that want to help the up and coming player have a better chance at winning their first tournament. Whether it is online or face-to-face in a crowded room, the guidelines and helpful tips are the same.

5 General Tips to Win

Coming from the mouth of a big time poker tournament winner: Ben Carpenter, A.K.A. My Big Guns, states on that there are five general tips to winning a tournament.

1. Be Aggressive

The main thing that a player needs to do is be aggressive. The reason behind this is that in a tournament the player does not get enough time to sit around and fold every hand, waiting for the perfect hand to come along. Being aggressive does not mean bet on anything and everything, a player has to be smart enough to know when to fold, however a player that waits for the perfect hand to come along, will get beat out in the first round. Showing a more forward side can also represent confidence, and in poker confidence is a primary factor on who wins.

2. Pick on Weaker Opponents

A poker player should focus more on weaker opponents, making both their chip count higher, as well as getting rid of the extra weight. By doing this a player can assure a higher spot on the rankings, as well as being able to focus entirely on the harder opponents down the road.

3. Be Aggressive on the Bubble; do not be scared

In a poker tournament, there are usually a set number of players that will get paid. For instance, if the top 25 players get paid, then player number 26 is out of luck when eliminated. When there are only 26 players left, that is called the bubble. The player can’t show any fear at this point, they need to be aggressive and go for what they want. Most inexperienced players will get to this point and be afraid of losing, since they will not get any money. You have to take advantage of this and play with even more confidence.

4. Always Play for First

The right mentality is everything during a tournament. A lot of players buckle under the pressure, or give up before they should have. Always thinking and playing like you are going for first place is a must if you want to really achieve a victory. Mental power in other words can also go along way.

5. Do not Tilt

Tilting refers to when a player gets overly-aggressive and shows emotions of defeat and anger. A player should never display these kinds of feelings at the table, keeping calm and composed will let the other players know that you are not fazed by losing a big hand, and that they should be wary of what you will do next. If you do need to let off some steam, get up from the table and take a break.

Other Tips to Win

Coming from other US-friendly gambling sites, where they offer different tips on how to win poker tournaments.

1. Luck

Although skill and experience will get you far in a tournament, the player needs to have some luck on their side if they really want to win.

2. Gap Concept

The Gap Concept basically means that a player needs to have a stronger hand than their opponent whom opened the betting. This means that you need a strong hand to call on a bet, and more of a good hand when opening the bets yourself.

3. Focus

Focus on the table you are sitting at, and do not worry about the number or which players are left at the other tables. By keeping your concentration on the table you are at, it will allow you to read the players and their poker hands better – if playing live games – if online, you will at least get a better idea of their way of play (lose, aggressive, and so on).

4. Adapt and Change

A great poker player has the ability to know when to be aggressive and when to be tight. Poker tournament winners all have this ability, making them harder to read and allowing them to freely take over any table and player.