Playing Online Poker in North Dakota

Playing Poker in North Dakota - when it comes to laws on gambling North Dakota does not mess around. There are no long explanations of what is right or wrong, they are direct, easy to understand, and more to the point for our purposes, they are very pro-poker. If you are an avid real money poker player then you should consider moving to North Dakota where you'll find the laws are on your side and getting a poker game is both legal and freely available. There are of course a few things to note, but on the whole it's all good news from the state of North Dakota. With no mention of online poker in North Dakota laws, many players get their game online regularly at sites such as BetOnline Poker.

Playing Home Games in North Dakota

Home games are a yes from North Dakota. In fact there are just the two lines in the penal code that deal with the issue. These are to be found in Section 12.1-28-02 and state, “It is an infraction to engage in gambling on private premises where the total amount wagered by an individual player exceeds twenty-five dollars per individual hand, game, or event." Or to, "Engage in gambling on private premises where the total amount wagered by an individual player exceeds five hundred dollars per individual hand, game, or event.” Laws 1 & 2 differ in the amount you are allowed to wager and the difference is that should you go over the $500 per hand mark it is classed as a felony, rather than a misdemeanor if it's under. So there you have it, keep within the limits and you are just fine. Even at the $25 mark you can still enjoy a decent game of $1/$2 stakes.

Playing Online Poker in North Dakota

There is absolutely no mention of playing online poker in the North Dakota penal code. There is also no word of gambling via the telephone or other electronic method so we can safely assume that you will not be breaking the law by enjoying a game at one of the many online poker rooms available to North Dakota residents. Many poker players residing in the state enjoy their poker at such rooms as BetOnline Poker, Full Flush Poker and Americas Cardroom where they are well looked after and have plenty of games to choose from. North Dakota has a friendly, hands off approach to poker and playing online is no different.

Playing in a North Dakota Casino

Casinos in North Dakota offer every type of game and are owned by the Native American Indian Tribes. There are many casinos and the larger ones do offer plenty of poker action. and even the small establishments have decent games at various times. If you live nearer a smaller casino, give them a call and find out the details.