Swc Poker

Swc Poker room was created by a number of individuals who prefer to remain anonymous. They got together in order to give the public and easy to use low rake Poker room where players could stay anonymous and place bets in Bitcoin only. Swc does not offer any traditional currencies for making bets or any other crypto currencies apart from Bitcoin. Before joining the poker room, players who do not have a Bitcoin wallet should make sure they open the wallet separately from the casino before joining the poker room, so that they are ready to go as soon as they find a tournament that they want to join. Swc Poker room prides itself on low rakes and fast withdrawals and welcomes players from all over the world, including the USA, Canada and Australia. All details on the site are in English and help, available around the clock is also available in English.

Getting Started at the Swc Poker Room

In order to get started at the poker room the player needs to choose the platform that he wants to play on. Players can access the poker room from any computer or laptop through the web browser of the poker room or they can opt for the mobile option that is available on all Apple Mac and Android devices. All options offer instant and direct access and allow the player to review everything offered before placing any bets of his own. As mentioned, the Bitcoin is the only currency accepted at the poker room. One Bitcoin gives the player one million credits at the casino. Players that want to withdraw winnings, can do so through Bitcoin, once they have received approval from the casino management team. Once the player has chosen the platform that he intends to play on, it takes just a few moments to complete the registration process and once registered the player is ready to go.

Games and Tournaments at the Swc Poker Room

All the games at the Swc Poker room are presented in tournament form and there are plenty of different poker variations to choose from that include the classic Texas Hold'em, Caribbean stud poker, Omaha high and plenty more. Players can learn about each game by reading the special tutorials given and trying out some of the games in fun format before joining one of the many daily and weekly tournaments offered. There are sit n go, scheduled and guaranteed prize pool tournaments that the player can join. Each one has its own level of play and requirements for joining. Players will find the details of each tournament on the home page of that tournament.

Bonuses and Promotions at the Swc Poker Room

Players earn Krill points at the Swc poker room for every rake back deposit made. And the more Krill points they earn the more benefits they receive. There is a Krill leaderboard bonus where the player can earn his position by playing raked cash games and working his way up the leaderboard. Each of the levels in the Krill leaderboard has a name of a seal from the initial new seal level that gives a 5% rake back to the top grand master that gives 50% rake back when the player has earned 100000 Krill points. Apart from the Krill point bonuses there are a number of other exciting rewarding bonuses offered at the Poker room that include a bad beat jackpot bonus game, 24/7 free roll tournaments and special seasonal bonus offers. The bonuses are constantly being updated and it is up to the player to check on the updates and make sure he has the latest information in order to receive the best in bonuses and rewards from the Swc Poker room.

Instant Direct Deposits

Whether playing on the mobile version or through the instant access online version of SwC Poker, the only option for depositing is to use Bitcoin. Thanks to the structure and nature of Bitcoin it is the most secure method of money transfer today. Every Bitcoin is made up of hundreds of complex algorithms and blockchains giving the player total security at all times of the day and night. And the player can remain anonymous with all his personal and financial information remaining safe.

Affiliate Options

Swc poker offers anyone the opportunity to become an affiliate. Affiliates receive full support from the casino management team and receive 25% of the managed gross revenue as a result of affiliate opening his own page and directing traffic to the Swc Poker site.

Full Support

Full support is offered at all times of the day and night at the Swc Poker rooms. Apart from a list of frequently asked questions that help the player to understand and use the site in the best way possible, player scan also contact the support team at any time of the day or night by clicking on the support link. This will take the player directly to an email and the Poker room promises an answer within 24-48 hours. Players can also chat with other players in the controlled Poker rooms and venture further, chatting with players outside of the poker room and discussing the many advantages and full benefits of playing at the Swc poker room.