Sit-n-Go poker is a type of poker tournament. It has also been commonly called SNG, as well as STT's, which stand for Single Table Tournament's. SNG's are past paced and exciting tournaments. They usually do not last long as the gameplay happens at a faster rate, which is the number one reason players enjoy SNG's a lot. These types of poker tournaments are perfect for those players that do not have a lot of time to sit and play in a regular tournament, as these usually last for long periods of time. During an SNG, the playing style of each player, even when they are the complete opposite, can get great results. Even players that have an aggressive and tight playing style can end up doing well in the SNG's.

Sit-n-Go Poker History

Sit-n-Go tournaments do not really have a specific history, they simply came into existence by creating a tournament around an already way of playing poker. When poker players gather with friends, or whoever else they play against, for a poker match, they usually wait until everyone is there in order to start. This is the same concept that the SNG's have, but instead of it being a single game, it became an actual tournament. SNG's are not really part of any of the major tournaments like the WSOP, but instead are very popular in online poker rooms.

How to Play Sit-n-Go Poker

Playing in a SNG tournament is a very easy process. There are countless SNG's going on all day, every day at most major online poker rooms, so finding one that suits your preference should not be hard. The first step every player needs to take before being able to play in a SNG is to put up some money. The money put up is added to the pot for the winner. As these SNG's are played at a faster rate and pace, the cost of entering is usually low to keep traffic high.

Once the player has included their money into the pot, they will need to wait until the rest of the vacancies fill up. With SNG's, there isn't a set time when the tournament starts, instead it begins the moment all the seats have filled or the required numbers of players have joined. Do not worry though, players usually fill up the SNG's pretty quickly so there won't have to be much waiting.

As SNG is a tournament style, and not an actual poker game variant, there are many different kinds of SNG's that a player can join. The SNG's rules are those of the poker game that they are playing. It is important for players to realize this, and should really stick to the poker games they know how to play.

Tips for Sit-n-Go Poker

As Sit-n-Go's are such a different way of playing a tournament or even playing in general, there are several tips that players should keep in mind when joining them.

Staying tight early is a good way to start off in the SNG. Participating and playing in a lot of hands at the start is a mistake many make. Players should refrain from doing this, unless they have really good starting hands. The reason for this is because a player could lose chips unnecessarily by betting on hands that may not get them the pot. Having players knock each other off in the early stages is always a positive thing.

Going along with playing tight, the player can use this time to learn about their opponents. Watching and learning how the other players act and play, is very important if you want to win the tournament.

When there are fewer players at the table, one should always be careful of the blinds and play them properly. By the middle and end stages of the SNG, the blinds will be much bigger so player won't really have much choice but to either play or lose the chips. This is why it is important to calculate how many rounds can go by before losing it all, or having to make a play.

The reason aggressive and tight players do so well during SNG's is because they do all of the above, they wait their opponents out, play the hands that have a higher chance of winning, and are always learning from and about their opponents. Keeping these things in mind should help players while participating in SNG's.