Wolf Gold Slots

This exciting slot, Wolf Gold Slots is man extremely high quality online slot game. It was released only a couple of years ago now, and it has become one of the most talked about slots. The critical aspects of online slot games are free spins, gameplay, and bonus games, and this one certainly has it all. There is plenty of hype surrounding Wolf Gold but rest assured as it measures up.

Howling Wolf Theme

Whether you're looking at wolves howling or horses neighing, it's a game that draws your attention immediately. The game is particularly great because of its sound effects and great graphics and visuals, they really do add some flavour to the game. The backdrop is simple, with a purple pink colour to it and some rocks and cliffs along the sides. The symbols and icons of the game coincide with the animal like theme. There are eagles, big cats, wolves, stallions and moons to look out for.

Bonuses and Free Spins

We all want free spins during an online slot game. Being able to win coins without seeing your account balance decrease I think we would all agree, is something very special. Luckily, this slot offers great free spin features. To activate the Wolf Gold free spins feature, you need to get three scatter symbols. If these symbols appear on reels 1, 3, and 5, you will receive an amazing five free spins. When the free spins are triggered, reels 1, 2 and 3 are combined together to make a multiplier of 3x. Here is where big money can be won, as anything you win from your free spins is tripled. If you hit scatter symbols on lines 3 and 4 Free spins won't be triggered, as the rules state only reels 1, 3 and 5 result in the feature starting. Overall, getting the symbols to unlock free spins is an excellent feature that's included in this slot.

Overall thoughts On Wolf Gold Slots

Pragmatic Play the developer of this game, has released something very impressive. It doesn't necessarily matter if you hit the free spins feature or any other bonus, we think you'll have fun playing Wolf Gold slot. Seeing all the moon symbols appear for a bonus jackpot is amazing. It's one of the better bonus features currently on the market, so we credit Pragmatic Play for their generosity. Whether you are a high or low roller when it come to slots, you can still achieve some great wins with this one.