Wrath of Medusa Slots

This amazing online slot game is a great and entertaining game that plays off of the ancient Greek mythology. There are a lot of characters that add to the story like the classic Greek and Medusa, these two attack the streets throughout the game filled with bonuses and great slot lines, this game doesn't disappoint. The game opens up with an introduction of a movie scene with soldiers that have been transformed to stone and Medusa herself contemplating the scene from the top of the cliff. Very intriguing to say the least and makes you want ro jump on into the game and start playing.

Mystical Medusa Theme

The ancient Greek theme is pulled off through the use of very good sound effects and fabulous visuals. This slot, of course has it big bonuses, Wild, the possibility of free spins, and as well, its 20 Paylines. You have the choice if you like, to set the autoplay to 100 spins and simply enjoy your chase prizes. From the first spin, this is a game that will most definitely have you intrigued. Perseus in this story is like the superhero that does everything in its power to put an end to Medusa inside Greek mythology. Perseus as well in the slot acts the same, his icon represents the Scatter symbol. If you possibly score a minimum of 3 of these symbols, you will be rewarded some bonus Spins.

All about the game, Bonuses and reSpins

The Wrath Of Medusa Slots symbols that really reward you in this game are very well done and tie into the games theme nicely. They include helmets, pots, swords, shields, bows and arrows, but also snakes and stone coins. The Medusa also acts as a Wild symbol, this one can only show up on reels 2, 3 and 4 and will really help you win big. Bets can differ depending on the value of coins you put in or, however many you choose as a multiplier. and of course you will also be able to win free spins.

Overall thoughts about Wrath of Medusa Slots

Wrath of Medusa slot is a high quality game from the producers Rival gaming. This slot is designed with excellent visuals, the backgdrop and the soundtrack is top-notch, creating a really fantastic experience for the player. The layout is pretty spectacular and for both the high and low rollers there are prizes to be won.