Bovada Poker - $15K in Monthly Freerolls

Freerolls may be free to enter, but using your poker points to enter these great little tourneys at Bovada can pay off big style. Twice a month Bovada Poker offers $7,500 in Poker Points Freerolls. Many players often look at their points and think they are pretty worthless, but this is definitely not the case at this awesome US friendly poker room. You've played and you've earned the points and now it's time to turn them into cash. It's like getting an extra bonus or a reward for your grind at the tables and the more you play the more you will earn. The twice monthly $7,500 tourneys can be bought into directly by using 1000 of your points, or you can take the cheaper route and use the points qualifiers. The qualifiers run every day of the week and there are several types, depending on how many points you wish to use and the type of tourney you wish to play. Here's a breakdown of the tourneys....

  • $7,500 PTS Freeroll Qualifer - 200 PTS Tournament Ticket, daily at 5:10 pm ET
  • $7,500 PTS Freeroll Qualifer (Turbo) - 25 PTS Tournament Ticket, daily at 11:10 pm ET
  • $7,500 PTS Freeroll Qualifer SNG - 150 PTS Tournament Ticket, Running daily throughout the day
  • Twice Monthly $7,500 PTS Freeroll - 1,000 PTS Tournament Ticket, second and last Saturday of each month
The top 15 finishers in the 200 points tourney and the 25 points turbo tourney will all gain entry into the $7,500 freeroll. The Sit n Go tourneys are 6 handed and 1st place in each wins a seat into the big one! And should you wish to buy directly in, then it's 1000 points. It's a simple schedule and a whole lot of fun. There's plenty of options to get to the big event and if you have the points then why not try them all! The winner of each of the $7,500 tourney is guaranteed at least $1,000.