Tips for Multi-tabling Sit and Go’s

Playing a single table sit-n-go tournament may be the norm, but there are hundreds of online players who have mastered the art of playing nine or more multi-tabling sit and go's. What is their secret? Frankly, it takes practice and total concentration. There were several videos available illustrating the technique used in playing multi-tabling sit and go's and for a novice, it is quite intimidating. What tips for multi-tabling sit and go's do most players offer? There are many. While it is tough enough playing one table, it is most interesting to watch multi-tabling poker, no matter what the game is. But for purposes of this article, we will concentrate on Hold 'Em Multi-Tabling Sit and Go's.

What is Sit and Go Tournaments?

Unlike scheduled tournaments, sit and go tournaments begin when enough players sit at a table. These tournaments run on a 24-hour basis. So imagine, if you will, a player entering multiple sit and go tournaments at the same time. It looks very daunting, but to the experienced poker player, it is the ultimate challenge.

Recommended Tips for Multi-Tabling Sit and Go's

Ask any poker player what their strategy is for playing multi-tabling sit and go's and you will receive a number of answers. Some suggest that you start out slowly with one table and progress to more tables as your confidence progresses. Another player had a very intuitive strategy, and that is that the more tables you play at an online casino, the more comp points you earn. Others discussed the benefits of hourly rates and ROI, and even charted the profit margin from one table to 20 tables. Of the 20 tables played, the player would reach his maximum yield playing nine tables. Some players discussed the need for complete concentration by simplifying the game to its visual minimum. Getting rid of avatars, pictures, and turning off all sounds seemed to work best for one player. Organization of one's screen also helped to maximize a successful outcome by concentrating on the most profitable hands on the left while playing newer games on the right.

Concentration is the Key

If you've ever played multi-tabling sit and go's, you can attest to the fact that concentration is the key to a successful outcome. Making split-second decisions and moving on to another table seems to work for experienced players. Another words, make your play and forget about what other players are doing while you make moves at other tables appears to be the key. Obviously, there is a great deal to learn about multi-tabling sit and go's and there are certainly many players who have offered their strategies and thoughts about the game. If you are considering multi-tabling sit and go's, it would be to your benefit to seek as much advice as possible. The bottom line, however, is that players who engage in this form of poker make a substantial case for why it is a lucrative and exciting venture.