New Gold Spree Promotion

What do you get when you cross Frequent Player Points with a Gold Spree Promotion? You get a taste of Cake Poker’s February Kamikaze Tournament worth $25,000! Although the Play Spree has ended, you can still get in on the Rewards Spree available until February 28. Join Cake Poker today and don’t miss out on some valuable Frequent Player Points!

How Does the New Gold Spree Promotion Work?

When you join Cake Poker, you will automatically become enrolled in the Frequent Player Program. The Rewards Spree began at 12:00AM GMT on February 15th and runs to 11:59PM GMT on February 28th. In order to receive your bonus gold chips, you would have had to participate in the Play Spree that occurred on February 17th. But, if you did surpass your FPP goal during the Play Spree by 50%, you would then earn Gold Chips during the Reward Spree that is currently on-going, and receive an increase bonus of 100%. Therefore, if you earn 10 Gold Chips during the Reward Spree, Cake Poker would credit an additional 10 Gold Chips to your account. Bonus Gold Chips are added to your Gold Chip balance during the first week of March in one lump sum.

How Does the Frequent Player Program Award Points?

When you reach 25% over your goal, you receive a 50% bonus on Gold Chips earned; achieve 50% over goal and earn a 100% bonus; achieve 75% over goal and earn a 200% bonus; double your FPP goal and earn a 300% bonus. Hit your FPP goal and share in the Kamikaze $25,000 purse.

Join Cake Poker today before the New Gold Spree Promotion ends on February 28th! Remember, you can earn up to 300% in more rewards so hurry and play.