ChilliPop Slots

Released in late 2018, ChilliPop Slots still remains to players as a fun to play title made by the prolific publisher BetSoft. Players can find this chili pepper poppin' based western slot at a ton of popular online virtual casinos. From Yummy Spins and Spot Slots, to Vegas Slots and countless others, there are tons of ways to access ChilliPop Slots on the web. And at some casinos like Yummy Spins, players can find no deposit codes to try the game risk free all the while winning real rewards!

ChilliPop Slots is easy to master, and it's an easy slot to grind and get lost in the gameplay with. The clean visuals and overall animated style feel very modern, but it doesn't abandon the classic slots feel of match 3 and old school gameplay. This is a game with medium volatility and a somewhat high return to player (RTP) rate of over 95%. When the ChilliPop clusters erupt for a variety of prizes, it's not only rewarding but it just feels great to play. There is a humorous tone to this game, and the energy remains high with its upbeat background tunes and numerous ways to win on this 5×3 reel. The max in game wager is $50 with the minimum wager being 50 cents! The range in entry fees make it a must try for newer players who may want some risk, but not too much along with the veterans who may consider themselves high rollers.

There is of course the free play demo mode which BetSoft incorporates as an introductory mode to all their slots titles. Players can use over $1,000 (free play credits) in this mode to learn the ropes, grind the game mechanics, and win big risk free! Some unique in game features for ChilliPop Slots involve the live ticker which follows a players' every move. It feels awesome to see live updated wins, past round wins, and instructions on how to play and win in all aspects of the game right under the reel. The user interface is fantastic, and it flows well with the rustic spin of the wheel and the wild west skyline.

ChilliPop Slots remains as a strangely familiar game similar to some of the other funky and strangely thematic BetSoft titles that have come out in recent memory. This isn't a bad thing as the gameplay remains a solid commodity to any fan of the genre. Find ChilliPop Slots at your favorite mobile casino, and try it risk free or for real wagers and big prizes today!