Microgaming Network

The Microgaming Network has 25 online poker sites that work under its management. It is a pretty well-known network amongst its rivals, as well amongst all poker players. Microgaming stays in its target market, which is Europe and Canada mostly, and sadly enough they are not open to US players. The network used to be bigger than they are now, but with new rules and regulations, they have had a drop in the number of poker sites they have. With this drop in sites, also meant a drop in traffic, but that has not been to detrimental to them. They have changed how they operate, with some negatives, but with a lot of positives as well.

Microgaming Software

Microgaming is also a software developer, and as such, they develop and provide the software for the poker websites that they manage. They are a pretty big company, letting them diversify into other areas, where poker is one of their main focal points. They also offer software to online sportsbooks and casinos. The actual poker software is what a player would expect, an easy to navigate lobby, with standard graphics and animations used for the tables. The great thing about using simple software is the fact that they can eliminate any bugs and technical issues. They have also been able to create the software in a way that makes it compatible with both PC and Mac’s. The software is also compatible with various tracking systems like, Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker 3. Keeping the software lean has made it easier for players to use it, seeing that it can be installed on older systems.

Microgaming Websites and Traffic

Before online gambling was better regulated, Microgaming, and other networks, actually had higher amounts of traffic. When these rules got stricter, many disappeared, but Microgaming decided to change and continue. Due to this many of their players left, but they still have a very healthy amount of traffic coming through. They actually average about 1,700 real money game players at any given time, and have shown peaks of up to 2,200 players. They range anywhere between 10,000 and 13,000 players daily. It is in no way a bad amount of traffic, and they can only get better.

Having their key websites is always important. The Microgaming key poker websites would have to be 32 Red Poker, Unibet Poker, and Ladbrokes Poker. These sites usually take the biggest amount of traffic. A good reason these sites get a high level of traffic is because there are a combination of online poker and casino. This allows them to bring in players that normally would not play poker, and give them the chance to try it out. They all have a good layout, letting new and returning players know how everything works.

Microgaming Network Games

There is one sad part about their overhaul; it is the fact that they no longer have rakeback. They do offer a good selection of poker variations, some being more popular than others. They offer Texas Hold’em and Omaha, with its variation Omaha Hi/Lo, which are two of the top played poker games. They also offer 7 Card Stud, 5 Card Stud, 5 Card Draw, and Razz that are not as popular but still have many players that enjoy them. Another great quality that the Microgaming Network has is that it offers a lot of different kinds of tournaments. Some of the tournaments they have are freeroll, single handed, bounty, and the ever popular heads-up. They even offer a Microgaming exclusive tournament called Survivor. Their tables also have various features, which one of them is having anonymous tables.

The Microgaming Network does not allow US players and no longer has any type of rakeback, but they do have many other great qualities such as the games and tournaments they offer, as well as the player rewards.