Bodog Offices in Philippines Raided

Reports are circulating regarding the police raid that took place on the Bodog offices in the Philippines, and before we go any further it's well worth pointing out that this does not affect their operations in anyway. It was in fact Bodog founder Mr Calvin Ayre who delivered the news via his website and stated that employees were being questioned in a company boardroom, and apparently police are looking for names and contact details of those people that they wish to speak to. reports that the raid was led by a former Bodog employee by the name of Jan Robert Gustafsson who is in fact currently under indictment and the site says that, "The timing is no coincidence as three more charges were laid today against Gustafsson,Sherwin Quiambao, Arleen Aldaba and Patrik Selin. The current charges stem from more findings in the ongoing forensic audit looking into the past dealings of Gustafsson et al. during their time with the Asian online gaming company."

False Rumors

The are also rumors that, and they are only rumors, that Bodog has been running a street level numbers game to residents in the Philippines and that is in contradiction to their licensing laws in the country. It would seem extremely odd, given the fact that Bodog are a truly international company that carry some weight in the world of online gaming, that they would risk their license in the Philippines, and in a statement to poker forum PocketFives, Bodog Manilla have stated that, "As you may have heard, Bodog Asia has been falsely accused of running a numbers game to residents of the Philippines (part of our license agreement is not to offer services to residents of the Philippines and, therefore, we do not). The local police are, however, obliged to follow up the accusation and we are, of course, fully cooperating with them to quickly clear up the situation. In the meantime, some of our services are, naturally, being disrupted as our staff help the police. We are confident this issue will be resolved quickly with minimum disruption to our customers and we thank you for your patience." It does seem likely that this will all come to nothing and we doubt very much indeed that customers will be affected in anyway at all.