Could Nevada Introduce Skill Games?

The Las Vegas Sun newspaper recently ran a story about the possibility of skill based video gaming making an appearance in the state of Nevada. According to a legislative committee changes should be made to the gambling laws in the state to allow for such games to be played, and Nevada lawyer Dan Raeser who represents games manufacturers has put it to the Nevada Gaming Commission that perhaps rules should be changed that allow for such skill based type games in Las Vegas casinos giving customers a better chance of getting a win.

The idea is to link in skill games with slot machines and add elements of skill to the overall game and Raeser stated that this would in fact reward loyal customers and frequent players more, with the casinos being able to change the odds on the machine for those players who play more regularly. This is in total contrast to current Nevada gaming laws that at present state all games must offer the same odds to all players, in his proposal Raeser stated that this, "would expand the authority of the Nevada Gaming Commission to promulgate regulations that encourage development and deployment of gaming devices incorporating innovative, alternative and advanced technologies."

Skill based games are at present only a small part of online gaming with not a huge amount of offshore gaming sites offering them, with perhaps the largest of the companies that do, being BetOnline. There US players may indulge in a game of dominoes, yahtzee, gin rummy, spades or tonk, with real money wagering available on all game types.