Caesar's Warming to PokerStars in US

The Sheldon Adelson anti online gambling bandwagon rolls on and it's time to rally the troops, at least that's what many observers are believing after hearing the news that Caesar's Entertainment are forgetting all about the past and sending a little love the way of the world's biggest online poker site PokerStars.

The Executive Vice President of Governmental Relations for Caesar's, Jan Jones Blackhurst, has stated that the US casino giants have had a change of heart and that they, "need to focus on where our opposition really lies, and clearly it's not Amaya and PokerStars. They are a strong ally in the space." This is news that makes sense on many levels, and points to a working together, or at least a 'let's get on with it' attitude that can be of nothing but benefit in the regulation of online gaming in the US, and there's been more good news for Stars recently too.

While Adelson is doing his best to bring about the Restoration of the Wire Act, the Pala and Rincon Bands of Indians have eased up on their insistence of a bad actor clause regarding California poker regulation, which to date has been one of the biggest stumbling blocks in the allowance of PokerStars to participate in the California poker gold rush, and while that's good news for Stars, it could be the newly found love between Caesar's and themselves that turns out to be the game changer.

Together they represent a formidable force in the gambling industry as a whole and if things are to move forward in any way in the US then it could be partnerships like this that push things forward. It may never be a John and Yoko bed in, but it's progress and over at Amaya, PokerStars owners, Eric Hollreiser says that, "Amaya and Caesars have enjoyed a very good relationship and business partnership for a number of years. That has not change since acquiring PokerStars, as part of our ongoing conversations we will work closely with Caesars to promote the US online gaming industry and support responsible legislation at the state and federal levels." Feel the love.