Could ZipZap be the New Western Union?

OK, so we may be getting a little ahead of ourselves here and the all new ZipZap has yet to take off, however should it do that then there’s a chance it could rival Western Union as an international money exchange company. ZipZap allows you to purchase Bitcoins via a network of payment locations i.e, grocery stores etc, similar to the places you’ll find Western Union outlets. With a fast and simple payment process, you may purchase the digital currency and share it without divulging any personal information.

The website is in the startup stages, however it states that once signed up you simply select how much you wish to spend on Bitcoin, visit the ZipZap payment outlet of which the nearest to you may be found on the site, hand over your payment slip to the cashier, the transaction will be completed and within a few minutes you have your Bitcoins. This means paying cash for Bitcoins is now possible, and the hope is that ZipZap can bring Bitcoin to a whole new customer base and whereas Bitcoin has always been in the domain of the computer savvy, maybe ZipZap can change that a little. You will still of course need a Bitcoin wallet in which to store the digital currency and the big difference with ZipZap is that you pay with cash, then pay for your goods or services with Bitcoin. This is of course a very similar service to Western Union, with the only difference being that the receiver must accept Bitcoin.