Cubeia Launches Social Poker Network

The Swedish development company Cubeia Ltd has recently launched a new social poker network which has a fantastic twist to it in that anyone can create and run their very own Online Poker site. The new site is built with the latest HTML 5 and will run superbly on most mobile devices and of course home PC's in all browsers and operating systems. Setting up involves a quick and easy sign up process and it's very easy to get going with little tech knowledge. Cubeia does in fact have a commercial running poker platform and the social offering is designed similarly to this and includes easy integration with a wordpress plug-in and a really nice touch is that you may create a skin and other 'brand' customization's.

Those interested no need worry about the intricate technical details as that's all taken care of by Cubeia Social and you, as the operator can worry about promoting and working on your site. Think of it as a social turnkey solution. Operators then get a cut of revenue that's generated by their players. Lars J. Nilsson the Executive Vice President says that, "It's high time anyone is able to start a poker site without any complicated sales process or legal wrangling. At Cubeia we've looked at the possibility of starting a truly open poker network for some time and with the rise of social gambling we decided to go ahead. So if you want your own poker site, then just come and see us because we're open to everyone." There's a decent game availability too with Texas Hold'em and pot limit, no limit games with multi table tournaments as well as sit and go's. There's plenty more on the way too as soon as Beta testing is complete with rewards systems and leaderboards being designed. As well as all of the above complete Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Google+ integration and your very own tournaments can be added. It all sounds very cool and something to play around with and expected costs will be very small. Cubeia has stated that they are not doing this for huge financial gain and a fixed monthly fee of around 15 Euro is expected.