No Online Gaming Affiliates in New Jersey

In what's being seen as a lose lose situation, the New Jersey Attorney General George N. Rover has made it clear that unless affiliates or potential affiliate remove all links to offshore online gaming companies then they will not be permitted to do business with regulated gaming sites in the state of New Jersey. This is a big blow to the online casinos and poker rooms in the state, and a big hit on those affiliates who have purchased a license and put the work in promoting the sites. It is reported that affiliates who do not comply will be fined up to $75,000.

The news came out of the blue for casino operators in the state, one was quoted as saying, "This came completely out of left field, we were not even notified about this policy." To enter into a revenue share deal with a regulated online casino in the Garden State, affiliates had to purchase a license that came with a price tag of $2,000. It's also being reported that some operators will scrap any plans that they had regarding affiliates until there's a change in policy.

There is no doubt that this move will massively halt any potential growth in the fledgling online gaming sector in New Jersey as most affiliates will continue to work with larger offshore brands such as Bovada and BetOnline who cater for a worldwide audience. Without access to affiliates a whole area of online marketing is being taken away from these operators, an area which has assisted the US offshore market and the European market massively over the years.