Paying Taxes on Your Regulated US Online Poker Winnings

Those online poker players who've played and won in one of Nevada's regulated online poker rooms be that Ultimate Poker, Real Gaming or will have to start thinking about paying taxes on those winnings as although the IRS do not have a data sharing deal with the Nevada rooms they can request access to information at anytime. This means that the IRS may easily find a player who's won and not played ball with them as the laws regarding regulated online poker in the state mean that rooms must comply and players have to pay their dues.

Online winnings are treated in the same way that any wins in a land based casino are treated with cash games players having to track their owns winnings however these can be requested from the room being played at. When a player wins at in Nevada Seth Palanksy of Caesar's Interactive Entertainment says that most people prefer to have their taxes held and paid for them to save the hassle of the process of paying. It's not a complex process and the rooms do most of the work, however players who visit Nevada from other states and win on the virtual tables may have to pay taxes on winnings in their own states and that is something that rooms cannot assist with. Players do not of course pay taxes on their winnings when they play and win at the US offshore poker sites such as Bovada and for many players, that's just the way they prefer it.