Phil Ivey is all in with Medical Marijuana

Poker pro Phil Ivey is branching out a little, into the world of medical marijuana and has been named as one of only 26 people that have been approved to open up a medical marijuana store in the state of Nevada. The feat of actually obtaining the license looks pretty impressive, even when compared to some of his exploits at the tables, as according to the Department of Health and Human Services Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health, Ivey was one of 519 applicants that made the grade.r

This news coincides with the closure, albeit maybe for a short time only, of Ivey Poker. The site will be re-opened in 2015 and promises to come back bigger and better, and in yet more Ivey news and coming straight off the back of his recent court case loss in London in which Crockfords casino successfully managed not to pay Ivey the $12 Million that he won while 'edge sorting' at the casino, he'll be back in court again soon. The Borgata Casino in Atlantic City is suing Mr Ivey for the exact same thing claiming that he 'illegally' won $9.6 Million back in 2012. The legal team at the Borgata have in fact filed a petition with the United States District Court and have requested that the same ruling be applied as it was in London. They believe that the case has for all intents and purposes has already been heard and that Ivey should have to pay the money back to the Borgata that he won in the same way over several punto banco sessions.

There's never a dull moment in the world of Phil Ivey that's for sure and while many people would be quite reasonably so, taking a little time out of the limelight, that's not his style and we can't fault him for that!