Phil Ivey Cleans up on Christmas Eve

Phil Ivey hit the tables in some fine style on the 24th of December at both Full Tilt and PokerStars , leaving with a rather nice amount to kick off the festive season. How does a pre Christmas bonus of just under half a million bucks sound to you? Pretty nice we would assume, and that's what Ivey won...$460K to be exact. Arguably the best all round player in the game has recently returned to Full Tilt Poker after the troubles they have been through and you can find him at the felt playing under the name of Polarizing. Starting at Tilt in the morning session he took on Alexomoon heads up at the 2 - 7 Triple Draw tables and took $150K away with him. Then at the same tables he met Seb86 in the evening and had another profitable session with a $300K win. He had a bit of a loss at the $200/$400 CAP PLO tables but still made a tidy profit on the day, building his considerably large bank roll by a shade under $400K. After a short break he headed over to PokerStars and put the pedal to the metal by scoring a $60K win in just under 10 minutes and 18 hands of poker. Playing as RaiseOnce he gave yiy01 and barcode a hard time and we can only assume he took a well deserved break on Christmas Day.