Online Tells

"Tell" in poker is often involuntary sign or signal, which gives results of how strong or weak is the hand of your opponent. There are "tells", which can be seen in only one player, but those can be attributed, and a group of players. Do not show tells may be an advantage for you, but also if you do not see the tells, your advantage may disappear.

In the use of online poker tells,is not as safe as in live poker, and you should often be taken as a basis on which to decide. On the other hand there are situations, even in online poker tells where you can provide an important part of the information they need to take the difficult decision, and therefore worth to find out more about these online poker tells. If you know that your opponent plays 6 or more tables at the same time.Those tells are even more unreliable, because the time that works for this player will generally be more.

Many "tells" are related to the time that separates the player to decide and most can rely on them when your opponent plays a few tables at once.

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Immediately Pass

Many players that play more tables at once using the option check-fold, which is available on many sites today. This means that it will automatically fold if no one bet and will automatically be refused if a player bet. Players do it mainly to save time and to focus attention on another table. In most cases the player will take a very bad hand in such situations. When you are in a position to try to bid and put pot when your opponent has chosen this option.

Some sites also offer the option "check-call" or "call any". This means that your opponent will automatically fold or pay if someone bet. This may be a sign of strength. Anyway, you will not see this happen often, because in this option the player has no idea what will be the stakes before his turn came, and there will be a big risk if I choose to pay automatically each bet. However, when this happens, then your opponent will most likely hold a strong hand and will have a strong hand in draw.

If you are of those players who use automated methods to pass, or refuse payment, then be careful because it gives much information on your opponents. In particular, we suggest, when holding a weak hand do not use these options. Even if you are big blinde , you should not use these options if no action before you. Perhaps you can use automated options to hiding strong hand when you have one.

Fast Pass

Also there may be cases where the player pass very quickly. But here there is a difference between the fastest check and instant check. If the player pass quickly, or it is weak or strong hand, or maybe draw. Watch out for check-raise of these players.

Delayed Pass or Bet

If a player uses a large proportion of their time and finally pass, then this player usually pretends that there is a difficult decision to make. In most cases this is a sign of weakness on his part. Your opponent is to make you pass to him to be able to see a free card. On the other hand, when players used their time and finally set, it is usually a sign of a strong hand. Your opponent pretends that there is a difficult decision to take only because he wants you to pay or raise his pledge.

What is important for your game is to follow the size of bets or to mix them correctly. With this I mean that if you make a C-Bet more often or with weak hands, then you must do exactly the same when you hold very strong hands. Thus, the game will be much more difficult to make out of your opponents at the table.