Playing Online Poker in West Virginia

Not so long ago West Virginia was not the best state for any form of gambling, but that has changed for the better. There was a time when all West Virginia had was a small scattering of greyhound tracks that simply had to do if you were a gambler, now however with changes in the law West Virginia has become a hub for gambling and many thousands of residents from nearby states cross the border to take advantage of their neighbors new outlook on gambling. There are strict laws regarding poker however none relating to online poker and many residents enjoy a game at BetOnline Poker and other sites that welcome them, so take a read below to see where you stand when it comes to enjoying your favorite card game.

Playing Poker at Home in West Virginia

West Virginia is pretty clear when it comes to having a game of poker at home with your friends, and it's not clear in the way that most poker players would like it to be. In section 61-10-5 of the Penal Code it states that, "if any person at any place, public or private, bet or wage money or other thing of value on any game of chance, he shall be guilty of a misdemeanor". You may be shouting that poker is a game of skill as you read this, and that is the only thing that may save you in a court of law. Should you be charged because you took part in a home game then you may be fined up to $500, so the short of it is that it's probably best to avoid them.

Online Poker in West Virginia

Now for some good news for poker players. There is absolutely no mention of any law prohibiting online poker anywhere in the Penal Code, to go further, there is not even a mention of it being against the law to place a wager over the telephone and West Virginia has in no way updated its laws when it comes to internet gambling, leaving us to assume that the state has other more concerning things to be worried about, and quiet rightly so! It'often the case that laws put into place against online gambling at a Federal level were to stop people from gambling online, however this is simply not true. Laws that are in place are there for banks to adhere to, not your average US citizen. There are many online poker sites that the residents of West Virginia are welcomed at with open arms. Betonline Poker, Carbon Poker and Americas Cardroom are three of the best and all offer the US player a great online experience.

Playing Poker in west Virginia Casinos.

Ever since the greyhound tracks got the green light to start using their venues for slots and other machines they have not looked back. Changes in the laws mean that many of these tracks are now big casinos that offer table games and poker. In fact, West Virginia is a prime example of how a few law changes can bring in extra income for the state and provide a few extra jobs as the amount of people that visit these casinos steadily rises.