Poker Controls

Poker Controls is an innovative company designing products to maximise the online poker gaming experience. Their flagship product the Wireless Poker Control has just been brought to market in a flurry of excitement and anticipation this product is set to revolutionise the way we play poker online.

UK based Jonathan Caplan, a successful poker player himself founded Poker Controls in 2006 and now plans to take the international market by storm.

At $99.99 the Wireless Poker Controller is perfectly placed to be the ideal christmas gift for the poker enthusiast. Online gaming has seen rising popularity and Poker Controls is committed to making the gaming experience as pleasurable as possible. The Wireless Poker Controller is compatible with most major poker sites including Full Tilt Poker and PartyPoker.

This is a revolutionary product that enables players to play with far more ease than a standard mouse. The controller features buttons to bet, check and fold along with a wheel that encourages accurate betting. The anti-tilt feature allows you to lock yourself out of a game while you regain your composure. The multi-table switch triggers allows you to change tables "lightening fast", professionals understand the need to multi-table when playing online, this almost console style controller makes this aspect of online play as simple as flicking a button.

The Wireless Poker Controller Package includes a Wireless Poker Controller, a software cd, a wireless USB receiver and USB power cable. All this for the very reasonable price of $99.99, order now to avoid disappointment.