Global Poker

There are no download options for the Global Poker site, so you only need to log into your account and visit the lobby to learn more about how smooth everything is here. This could well be refreshingly easy and different compared to other sites you may have tried.

There are some strict signup restrictions for Global Poker

Despite the name, the site is only available to those living in the US and in Canada (apart from Quebec). This is because of the sweepstakes model the site is built on. It can only legally be offered in those locations, so be sure you qualify before attempting to sign up.

Is there a chance to play any free poker at Global Poker?

The site confirms you can play Gold Coin games just for entertainment's sake. Of course, this is a good way to learn how to play poker too. If you haven't played before or you want some experience to boost your skills, these Gold Coin games are the ones to head for.

Are there any paid poker games available?

No - the site is promoted as a social poker site, so nothing of the sort is available. However, there are cash prizes to be won in various games and events, so there is a chance you could still benefit from some good outcomes here. They use a sweepstakes model that means the site is valid only in certain areas, as described above.

Kick things off with a $20 free deal

This promotion gets top billing on the site. You must have a verified account to claim the offer, so you will be required to go through the process of signing up and meeting those requirements before you can go further and get your $20 deal.

The site also has a page devoted to promotions. There are various events highlighted on that page, some of which only last a short time. So, we'll suggest you check it out when you visit, so you can see what is live.

Lots of tournaments to watch out for

The best place to learn more about these is the menu. There is a page just for tournaments to appear on. There are Gold Coin tournaments to look for there, with something happening - and lots coming soon - whenever you visit.

Learn about some of the latest payouts on the home page

There is a scrolling area underneath the three-stage instructions for signing up and taking part at Global Poker. This reveals some of the players who have scooped prizes in recent days. The dates are given, along with the amounts won.

What about rewards at Global Poker?

We guess the rewards here are provided as real cash prizes in the events that take place on the site. This is not your average poker site, with no cash required to get started. If you qualify as a member, you can try and net some real prizes by taking part in tournaments whenever they occur. As such, there is no real rewards program of the kind you'd see at other sites.

A superb and responsive site that doesn't require downloading

You can easily view the Global Poker site on any desktop or laptop computer without downloading a thing. Alter the size of the window you are viewing, and you'll notice the site responds too - giving you the best possible view. This works on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones as well, so you need not worry about searching for an appropriate app to download.

Make sure you are registered to be able to play

This doesn't take long, and once your account is verified you can get started. There is a poker school area too, so if you haven't played before, this is a good place to start.

No affiliate program is provided

Since the site doesn't work on the same terms as many other online poker sites and casinos, there is no need for an affiliate program.

Don't spend time looking for a sportsbook

There is none here - this is a sweepstakes-style poker site, pure and simple.

They haven't got a blog or forum for players to read

There is a lot of info available on the site though, which means new players can easily find out anything they want to know. You might also find more info at other sites, such as blogs and casino forums, if you look out for them.

No need for live dealers

No live poker games are offered here - remember, the site works differently to many casinos.

No need to make a deposit - ever

The Global Poker site doesn't have a banking page, as the social poker site offers Gold Coins and the chance to scoop real prizes without making real wagers.

The same applies for withdrawals

Enough said there.

So… no Bitcoin then?

No - no need for it here.

Seeking help

The Global Poker site has an FAQ area you should visit, ideally before you sign up. There are other pages too that give more details about the sweepstakes format. The support team is always available, and an email address is provided for you to use if you need to.