Online Poker News

Many casino players head straight for the area offering various slot games to play. However, some head in another direction… they head for the poker games. If you've never tried playing those, you might wonder whether they would be right for you. If you don't know anything about poker, it's best to learn more about it first. Follow our tips to understand the difference between the two main poker games available at many online casinos today.

Playing table poker online

Table poker is the real deal - the poker game you'd play if you were sitting around a table at home or in a real casino. There are two versions of this. The first involves selecting a poker game from the table games area of a casino. The second involves going to a live casino and taking up a virtual seat there. This would include live dealers to manage the process.

Playing video poker online

Video poker is often described as a combination of a slot game and a poker game. The game is based on poker hands, but it doesn't involve taking up a spot at an actual poker table. You can do that for real in a virtual live casino with real dealers, or you can choose a table poker game in the relevant table games area of a casino.

Which one is going to be the best option for you?

We always recommend that people get started with video poker. This is easier and the paytable often gives you plenty of clues on how the winning hands should be put together. You can also try many of these games in demo format. This means you play the game as usual, but there is no risk to your own cash as you play with demo credits.

It's a good way to learn how poker hands vary and which ones are best to find. Once you get the hang of these games, you can progress to trying some table poker - but avoid the live version until you are confident you know what is happening. Even with the table poker variation, you can still play as a demo in most cases.