PokerStars Pros Vs Tilt Pros Line Up and Comments

The showdown between the pro's belonging to the world's biggest poker rooms takes place soon and after the brief war of words between the two it's nearly business time. The line ups are impressive to say the least with the worlds top players, online and offline taking part. Heading up Tilt's team is of course Gus Hansen and Kid Poker himself Mr Daniel Negreanu will be PokerStars main man. On paper it does look like a battering for team Tilt, however you never know. Here's what a few of them had to say before the event along with a few words from the commentators, and don't worry we will most certainly be bringing you news of who actually won!

The Commentators

James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton are two of the most experienced poker commentators in the world and they have the pleasure of knowing a few of these players first hand and James reckons, "I can't be objective about this one. I know Daniel, ElkY and Ike personally. I've had the pleasure of travelling the international circuit with them, and working alongside them on EPT Live. They're great guys, and awesome players, so I'm backing Team PS for the win. In fact, I'm going to make the bold/rash prediction that they will sweep the series 3-0!" That's one prediction in, next up hard talking Joe or Stapes as he's known on the circuit says, "This is a total no-brainer for me, Team PokerStars all the way. Ike is one of the smarter poker players alive, Elky is seek (sick), and Daniel is one of my closest friends (who could easily have me fired). Plus PokerStars puts food on my kids' table." There's honesty for you!

The Players

Negreanu has been surprisingly quiet, maybe he is waiting to do his talking at the table, however The Great Dane had a few words to share, "I have at least 50,000 reasons to win this, and on top of that it will be a great pleasure once again beating up on Mr Daniel Negreanu ;-). You all know I won a very large hand against Daniel on High Stakes poker and we have played various times in big live cash games with different outcomes, but if I had to guess I would say that I'm ahead." Victor Blom one of the worlds biggest online players and Tilt Pro reckons, "I think my match with ElkY will be fun, and might take a bit longer than the others because we have never played each other online before. We will try to feel each other out in the beginning, before taking any risks. Well, he might do this I usually end up putting on the pressure right away. I haven't played the battleship format before. ElkY might have the live game edge, but we are still playing at the online tables, and Full Tilt is kinda like my turf." His opponent Elky shares his thoughts by saying, "As I've played just once against Blom for his first live appearance at the PCA 2011 and lost the match, I'm definitely looking forward to a rematch. It is very exciting because he's considered by many as the best NL Heads up Player in the world, and a formidable opponent. I don't have much experience of battleship format, but I don't think he has either so we will be on a level ground about that. Facing him will definitely be very challenging, but it will just add to the glory if I happen to win this game." Ian Haxton from Team PokerStars Online is man a few words and he didn't change his ways here with all he had to say was, "I'm very excited for the match. It's a fun format and I'm always happy to accept some easy money." So there you go, the talking is over and it's time to hit the felt. Who will come out on top? Mixed opinions but we reckon that it will be a lot of fun and there's going to be a few prime tweets and outbursts afterwards, that's for sure.