Stampede Slots

Launched nearly a half decade ago and still going strong, Stampede Slots is a fun mobile casino game thats withstood the test of time. Players come back daily to land on their favorite safari based critters, and with over 1,024 ways to win players always have a reason to celebrate! Created by the prolific and popular game publisher BetSoft, Stampede Slots uses a wide array of in game mechanics to offer players a chance at massive jackpots every turn they spin and play.

With scatters, multipliers, and a wide range of symbols to match and earn from, Stampede Slots offers some of the best game play and rewards out there. With the opportunity to score over $80,000 on a single spin, Stampede Slots offers a lot more than what may appear at first glance. Stampede Slots is considered a generous title for its big multipliers and bonuses, but it is also high volatility meaning that players may not hit for awhile if they've just landed on something big. The fun factor is top notch as it is a BetSoft title, and its well built enough to provide hours of fun with its combination of matches and rewards.

The Safari theme and awesome animal sound effects add to the unique visual splendor Stampede Slots provides. Collecting the vast collection of animal placards is a fun and rewarding experience. From leopards and elephants, to eagles and giraffes, Stampede Slots offers personality and prizes for every type of slots players. The key to winning big is by chaining these animal emblems together. Finding the scatters and Stampede Slots themed multipliers that appear on board will grant prizes and enhance those already found. Chaining as many safari creatures as possible will net players a chance to win the ultra jackpot of nearly $80,000!

Stampede Slots is a 5×4 reel slot game that will seem familiar to players who have played animal themed BetSoft games before like Safari Sam and Bamboo Rush. The game itself is available on most popular online casinos including Slots Temple and BetSoft's very own gaming site. The inclusive free play mode allows players to try the game in its entirety risk free. To change from free play mode to playing for real is all in the single click of a button. Everything in Stampede Slots is easy to decipher and use, its playability and user interface can be easily learned and mastered. Although it may seem shallow on the surface, Stampede Slots is surprisingly deep with how many combinations players can chain, and how many types of rewards can be granted. It's well worth checking out, and may be your new favorite game.