Bovada Poker Sit and Go Tournaments

If you were a member of Bodog Poker, you undoubtedly know they have changed their name to Bovada Poker. But what is even more exciting than the name change is the fact that you can play Sit and Go Tournaments at Bovada Poker as well. Moreover, there are three types available to you: Multi-Table Sit and Go or MSGs; Short Handed Sit and Go; and Beginner Sit and Go tournaments.

What are Sit and Go Tournaments?

Sit and Go(SNG) literally means what it says. These tournaments start when players have filled a table. It's as simple as that! Each player at a table pays the same buy in and is given the same chip count. Think of a Sit and Go this way: if you ever participated in or watched the WSOP's final table action, it is akin to your place at the Sit and Go table. For example, if you are a first time player and enter Bovada's Beginner Sit and Go tournament, nine players will be at a table for a total time of one hour. However, there are also multi table sit and go tournaments as well as short handed Sit and Go tournaments as well. A brief description of each follows.

Multi-Table Sit and Go

Deemed a mini-tournament, this SNG begins when all the seats are filled. Anywhere from 10 to 45 players can be seated up to 5 tables. The blinds are increased in time increments (every 12 minutes). The Turbo blind, as it's called, goes up every six minutes, and the Super Turbo blind increases every three minutes. For more information on the buy-ins, be sure to check in at the Tournament lobby.

Short-Handed Sit and Go

This is an abbreviated version of a Sit and Go tournament hosting a few players, i.e., two players and six games.

Beginner Sit and Go

If you never played in a Sit and Go tournament, Bovada Poker offers beginners entry with nine players. These beginner tournaments are available 24/7 and you can buy in by going to the Lobby and click on Sit and Go tournaments.

Join Bovada Poker and Play in Sit and Go Tournaments

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned poker player, Bovada Poker accommodates all levels of play and also offers a great welcome bonus to boot!