Tricky Hold’em Hands

There is a mini-debate discussing the types of tricky Hold 'Em hands. If you are a seasoned poker player, you have your own thoughts about this. But for unseasoned players, a hand is a hand and drawing two aces at the outset would seem like a winning one, right? Well, not really. Apparently, there are two sets of cards that if dealt can be considered tricky Hold 'Em hands; the ace and a king and two queens. We were curious as to why these cards in particular were deemed tricky, so we did some research. Here's what we found.

The Ace and the King

For those of us who enjoy 5 card stud, the ace and king are good cards to hold on to. But in Texas Hold' Em, they are considered tricky. Why? Apparently it is the flop that will determine whether or not the Ace and King are worthy of their title. What this means is that if an ace or king appears in the flop, you have a relatively high hand. Moreover, if the ace and king are of the same suit, the possibility of getting a flush in the flop is also a good thing. Okay, this makes sense.

Two Queens

While one would think that this is a strong opening hand, several professionals have some very definite feelings about these two ladies. One well-known poker player states that playing two queens depends on one's position. Another professional poker player suggests putting all your money in the pot, while still another tells players to be cautious and not invest too much into the pot too early because the other players may have stronger hands. All agree, however, that the strongest hand in Texas Hold' Em is Aces and Kings.