Card Game Poker

Poker belongs to a popular class of card games called Vying games. In vying games players, who have full or partial concealed cards make into a common pool. The player who has best card combination is declared as the winner in a vying game. Poker is a universal card game which doesn't have versions. Depending on the style and techniques implemented poker cards are classified as stud, draw, community card poker etc.

Standard pack of 52 cards is used to play poker. This standard pack is also called as deck. This deck consists of 13 different rank cards namely: King, Queen, Jack, Ace, and numbers from 10-2 in descending order. All these cards belong to four different suites: Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades.

In poker, common betting takes place in the form of pot. Each player should put some money into the pot and start the game. The bet has to be raised and concerned amount should be placed in the pot. Final winner will take the money in the pot home. All players sit around round table in poker game and play starts with the dealer and will continue in clockwise direction. Dealer will deal the cards to players sitting around the table.

Sometimes players who don't feel like placing bets in the pot fold. These players quit and ask their co-players to put their bets in the pot. Folding allows a player to stop placing bets in that round and continue with those bets in next round. In case of raise a player should raise the bet. Betting round is said to be completed when all players put their bets in the pot equally. After bets, cards will be distributed and action continues until a single player is left. In some poker variants additional cards are put on table.