Depositing by Western Union

Most online poker rooms will accept deposits via Western Union, they may however call it by another name in the cashier. Western Union is often called Cash Transfer and it used regularly by many US online poker players and is an ideal method for those who do not have a credit card, or simply do not wish to use one. Making a Western Union transfer is simple and extremely safe and secure with the funds available in your poker account as soon as your poker room of choice has received them. Major US online poker rooms such as Full Flush Poker, BetOnline Poker and Carbon Poker all accept Western Union and many of their players use this service when making deposits.

How to Deposit into Your Poker Room with Western Union

To make a deposit using Western Union you may either use their website or you may transfer the money from one of the thousands of Western Union locations in the US. Using the Western Union website is of course much more convenient however either way you choose you may need to contact your online poker room beforehand and inform them that you wish to deposit with this method, if the receivers name is not on the poker rooms website.

Once you have the receiver name and location you will be able to make a swift and safe transfer, and then you will need to inform the poker room of the confirmation number. Once that is complete, the money will be seen in your account.

The Benefits of Using Western Union

Western Union does have benefits in that there is no need for any credit card details to be exchanged and using cash at a land based outlet is preferred by many players. This appeals to many people due to security concerns or using cash is simply far easier for them. There are of course fees involved in sending funds via Western Union however some poker rooms will offer to cover these fees when you deposit over a certain amount, and this can be checked when requesting the receivers name.

Using Western Union to Receive Payouts

Some online poker rooms will make payouts via Western Union, and many players prefer this instead of a check or a bank wire as it means cash is sent directly, and the player may collect from any Western Union outlet.