More Tough Hold’em Hands

More Tough Hold 'Em Hands

There is more than a consensus about the types of Hold 'Em hands that you shouldn't play. Some refer to these hands as tricky or tough. If you're just starting out playing Texas Hold 'Em, whether in a scheduled or sit-n-go tournament, here is some advice from professional players. All low cards are tough Hold 'Em hands, except for pairs and even those may pose a problem. But there are two opening hands that are considered more tough Hold 'Em hands than others, and that is a low card and a face card or a low card and an ace, especially if they are unsuited.

Guilty Pleasures

When playing Hold 'Em for the first time, I concede that I fell into the trap of thinking that a face card and/or an ace combined with a low card would have some merit. I was wrong. I was using my blackjack mentality not realizing that any high and low card can be trumped by some player who can have an ace in the hole just as easily. Professional poker players state that either of these hands are just plain "junk" and should be tossed. Okay, I get it. The best hands in Hold 'Em are those high cards only, that is, face cards and aces. But as we know, an ace and king can be just as tough.

Practice, Practice, Practice

An inexperienced player can increase the odds of winning by playing Hold 'Em until he or she fully understands all the nuances of the game, the terms, the possibilities, and the positions. Hold 'Em isn't merely a game, it's a science. One has to come up with profitable strategies in order to master the game. It isn't easy; in fact, I didn't realize just how tough the game was let alone understand what the tough Hold 'Em hands were. Suffice to say, I truly admire those who do.