Americas Cardroom ups' the Stakes Again!

Americas Cardroom really are all about progress. They continuously strive to improve their product and offer their players the best poker available, and this new addition is another great step in the right direction. This year, ACR have revamped their Elite Benefits program not once, but twice by creating the five start General Level, trhey have unleashed the Beast, simply the biggest rake race out there, they are giving away a $50,000 of your choice and now they have changed the CAP tables so that they can be enjoyed at every single level. So now, on low, medium and high stakes tables you get to grind away and build that bank roll. So what is a CAP table? It works like this...A CAP at the table is set, it's the same for all players and it's always the same...30 times the big blind. Play goes ahead as normal, however when a player has bet up to 30 times the big blind they are considered to be all in. This is a great way to play for grinders who just love raking up the cash and the points over longer periods of time. It's also an exciting way to play as you are "all in" without actually being "all in", if you know what i mean. This combined with the Beast creates a great buzz round the tables and now it's open to players of all levels, which yet again proves that Americas Cardroom is looking out for all of its' players and every one of them gets the same great treatment.

Americas Cardroom is Here to Stay!

As well as the CAP tables, here's a quick run down on ACR. In 2011 they joined the Winning Poker Network and have never looked back. This trusted reliable network offers all players of every level will ever need. ACR has outstanding customer support and a safe and secure environment in which to get involved in all of the promotions they offer. Constantly upgrading their product offering they strive to stay one step ahead of the competition. The online poker industry needs these type of poker rooms that push things forward forcing the hand of others to play keep up.