SSP News: Playboy Teams up with Amaya to Offer Online Poker

The most well known, almost legendary company with the adult industry Playboy has teamed up with internet gaming giant Amaya to bring us a whole new product. The sheer size of Playboy should never be underestimated with its' name and iconic Bunny logo recognized throughout the world, and by teaming up with Amaya they are making their second foray into the online gambling industry, the first time being with a cryptologic casino that was launched in Europe. This time is however different and with the help of Amaya will be launching a poker and lottery site that will see the light of day in early 2013. Scott Flanders, Playboys' CEO is clearly excited about the deal stating that, "The Playboy is about indulging our passions, and we are focused on bringing content, products and experiences to consumers around the globe that define this lifestyle". He believes that gaming is a perfect fit and Amaya is the ideal partner to assist them with their new project, as they are such a strong technology partner. It's a virtual love-in as Amaya CEO David Baazov is ecstatic that Amaya has been chosen, staing, "This is a giant global brand for Amaya to partner with online, we are extremely pleased that Playboy has chosen Amaya to help with their online strategy for both poker and lottery". Both parties both seem happy and extremely confident with the deal as potential players and industry observers wait to see exactly what will be on offer.