Five New Players Grind on The Beast

It was a hit in September and it's back in October, and this time round five players will take on the Beast at Americas Cardroom. The Beast is an innovative progressive points race which enters its' third month with huge payouts at the end of each month for those players that grind the hardest, put in the hours and keep their nerve. The five players involved are shown on their webcams on The Beast Live website and can be watched by the world. Last month the player Mbolt1 took the money, a very nice $10,000 prize, not to mention the stack he won whilst playing. The Beast is different because it is funded totally through players rake contributions at the jackpot tables and then distributed via the jackpot that comes around every month. The money is given to everyone that has participated in the promotion and obviously the more you have played and contributed the larger your share of the pot will be. The five players that have booked in for some very late nights during October are, Owen Gaines, Thomas McDaniel, Matt Amen, Paul Hoppe and John McLain, all of whom are well respected players with some huge wins under their belts. All players have admitted that there is no clear favorite and it may come down to stamina rather than poker playing skills...only time will tell.