Full Tilt Gearing up for Return

It's been on the cards for sometime now and Tilt seem to have put the past behind them and are ready to jump back into the mix. We have all read and are aware that they will be owned by Poker Stars but Stars have stated that it will be the old Tilt software on offer and run as a separate entity. So, the date for your calenders' is said to be November 6th and there are a fair few players that can't wait to get back into the action. Sadly no US players are allowed back as yet and we all know that until the legal issues behind online poker are resolved then that's the way it will stay, and those issues are for a different article! So it looks as if all old Tilt players will be getting back what they knew and loved with the return of Tilt, as if the software stays the same then expect those Matrix tourneys, Rush Multi entry MTT's and software features like "run it twice". Even though Stars and Tilt will remain separate and the player pools divided, Stars are looking into a means of players being able to transfer instantly between the two rooms. Another thing to be aware of is that blocked accounts on one of these sites, will mean a blocked account on both. There are certain countries, apart from the States that will be excluded and these include, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Estonia and Denmark. For all players that can get back onto Tilt then full cash outs will be available as soon as the doors are open.

There are of course many I's still to dot and T's to cross but at least things are moving in the right direction. For US players, well it's still a waiting game but in the meantime you can still get plenty of action at the felt by hooking up with Betonline Poker or maybe Americas Cardroom.